The Spirit of a Texas Winery

Beautiful country settings…

Cheerfully decorated buildings…

Tables on a patio…

Bottles of wine lined up on a bar…

Glasses hanging at the ready…

These items await your visit to a Texas Winery. What also awaits are friends you have yet to meet. Going to a winery and tasting wines are only a small part of the true experience at a Texas winery. Usually the people you meet are there to enjoy their afternoon just like you are. Take some time. Bring a picnic. Buy a bottle of wine or at least a glass to share while you enjoy the scenery from the patio.

Smile and greet the other visitors. Pretty soon you might find that you like the same wine; have visited the same wineries or the one you want to go to next; or have something else in common.

We’ve seen it happen…even experienced it ourselves. One of the first times was at Woodrose Winery on Hwy 290 east of Fredericksburg. It was Thanksgiving week and a beautiful Texas Hill Country winter day. We enjoyed our tasting inside and then the staff invited us to step outside to have s’mores on their deck out of a shared basket of supplies. While we were doing so another couple came to share the fire and supplies and a conversation was begun. We found out that they were from the Dallas side of the metroplex, they had a couple of sons about our son’s ages, and they too were very much into soccer. Unfortunately we only had a small amount of time to spend before we needed to scoot on to the next winery and we said our goodbyes and went on our way.

Another experience I’ve had recently was fun to witness. I was on the patio at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson enjoying a glass of Tempranillo and reading my book in the sunshine. Across the patio was a couple visiting the winery from Fort Worth for the first time. A local couple came in and sat a couple of tables over from them.  Casual greetings were exchanged and soon conversations began across the tables. Before long, the second couple invited the first couple to join them as more of their friends arrived. Introductions were made, food was shared, and good feelings were made.

The most recent was one of the most fun. I was again at Lost Oak Winery (we are wine club members) waiting for my husband to meet me after work. While I waited I was enjoying a couple of tastings at the bar. A lady arrived that I had seen at the winery before, but had not actually met. She was there to meet friends. She invited me to wait with her. We had a wonderful visit! Her friends and my husband arrived and we made room around the table. We all laughed and told stories for hours. We compared winery notes and spring festival dates. We had introduced ourselves by first names, but something came about with last names and all of a sudden light bulbs went off as we decided we knew the same people and more stories and laughter were shared. We left that evening sharing hugs till the next time.

What it boils down to is drink some Texas wine…share some Texas smiles…enjoy the Spirit that is Texas Wineries!!

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