Crawfish Boil…Texas Legato-style

Several months ago, back in the spring, Shelly and I bought tickets for Texas Legato’s Crawfish Boil while we were at the winery helping owners Bill and Sulynn Bledsoe take care of some spring chores, including putting up hardware mesh to try and deter the swallows from nesting under the eaves of their new covered winery patio addition. I also made reservations at The Inn at Lampasas for that night so now it was just a matter of turning the pages of the calendar.

Usually on the Friday before we go to the Hill Country, we head down to my parent’s place just outside of Brownwood so we can drop off our 16 yo son. Saturday morning we get up, have a great breakfast made by my daddy, then Shelly and I load up and head south towards wine country. This was finally the weekend to go down the road to Lampasas to Texas Legato, one of our very favorite wineries, for their Crawfish Boil.

Texas Legato
Texas Legato

We arrived early in the day so we could lend a hand helping in getting whatever else needed to be done…well…done. We found Bill and Sulynn’s daughter, Rebecca Petty, and Sulynn’s sister-in-law, Kenna Elliott, setting up the wine-a-rita machine and outside wine sales counter. After greetings and quick hugs we jumped in and got busy helping out where needed. Shelly helped Bill set up awnings and tents while I grabbed a rag and began wiping down tables and chairs. Much of the big work had been done the day before, but we did help with the finishing touches. This was the first event to be held on the winery’s new covered patio addition.

Texas Legato covered patio addition- photo by Keith George

When we were there two weeks ago I walked down some of the rows of grapevines as the leaves were just beginning to break. It was a glorious sight!

Malbec at Texas Legato
Malbec at Texas Legato

I walked the same rows this trip and was amazed at the rate of growth. The cool part was seeing the tiny clusters of grapes already set. I found myself praying for their safety as I walked up and down the rows.

Malbec Texas Legato
Malbec at Texas Legato

Pretty soon it was time to head to the hotel to check in and get changed for the Crawfish Boil.

When we returned other guests were beginning to arrive and the party was ready to start. We checked in and got our wristbands, a blue band  for crawfish for Shelly and a yellow band for pork roast for me, and our drink tickets. We made our way over to where Rebecca had the outside wine sales set up and we got our first of two ticketed drinks.

Aerial shot of Texas Legato from Keith George's drone
Aerial shot of Texas Legato-photo courtesy of  Keith George’s drone

The band Dr. Zog, a fantastic Zydeco party band out of Austin, was setting up at the end of the new patio and soon they were playing and had everybody’s toes tapping and people dancing!

Dr Zog at Texas Legato
Dr Zog at Texas Legato-photo courtesy of Keith George

The first dump of crawfish was made on the table and there was my husband in with the first wave. I made myself comfortable in a rocking chair on the patio and enjoyed people watching. Soon Mrs. Bledsoe, Bill’s mother, brought her dinner plate and sat in the matching rocking chair and we chatted about what a good time everyone was having. The pork roast was delicious. There was one kind stuffed with a mushroom mixture and another one stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese. I had the jalapeno one with some white rice. For dessert Sulynn had made bread pudding with and without raisins and with and without a luscious whiskey sauce!

Texas Legato guests enjoying the first dump of crawfish
Texas Legato guests enjoying the first dump of crawfish-photo courtesy of Keith George

The bluebonnets were plentiful and people were taking their pictures in the blanket of blue. There were groups playing horseshoes, some playing washers, and some playing redneck golf when the wind wasn’t blowing the balls off course. The band had people dancing and there was lots of talking and laughter. All the tables were full of happy diners and people milling around drinking their wine and wine-a-ritas and visiting with friends new and old. More buckets of crawfish, corn on the cob, potatoes, and sausage were dumped on the table throughout the evening. After a while the pile didn’t dwindle down as fast as it had earlier in the evening.

Texas Legato-photo courtesy of Keith George
Texas Legato-photo courtesy of Keith George
Texas Legato Crawfish Boil-photo courtesy of Keith George
Texas Legato Crawfish Boil-photo courtesy of Keith George

The weather was very cooperative for a spring day and evening in the northern part of the Texas Hill Country and Bill and Sulynn could not have scripted a more perfect event!

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend next year’s event…April 18, 2015!!! Hope to see you then!

Huge thanks to Keith George for allowing me access to his portfolio of beautiful pictures. He also has some fantastic videos from his drone!! To see more Texas Legato Crawfish Boil photos please visit my source:


One thought on “Crawfish Boil…Texas Legato-style

  1. Well written conversational style. Good credits all the way around. Bottling on June 27. Hope you can make it .

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